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Aija Mikova

Aija Mikova


Aija is very experienced midwife, one of the few that practice delivery in the water. Aija loves her job and has midwifery experience of 43 years. Aija: “My own quality index is my safety consciousness. I work within individual value system of each of my clients”.

Līga Kauliņa

Līga Kauliņa


Marika Borovska

Marika Borovska

Paediatrician, Neonatologist

Elvīra Jansone

Elvīra Jansone

doula, midwife

She has more than 10 years of experience preparing couples for natural, harmonic birth. She inspires, supports during pregnancy, birth and in period after birth.

Linda Vītuma

Linda Vītuma

Doula, midwife apprentice


  • We see pregnancy, birth as a natural process accompanied by qualified birth attendants.
  • We provide a safe space where mother and baby are of most importance.
  • We have plenty of time for your wishes and needs to be fulfilled.
  • We see the necessity of improvement in our culture for family individual and social processes.
  • We expand our experience in collaboration with other specialists.


We offer natural birth and waterbirth supported by experienced certified birth attendants. Our institution’s objective is birth of a child to happen as naturally as possible while providing all necessary equipment, carefully and deliberately preparing for birth in an intimate, homely environment. We want you to feel special and safe here. In this significant moment, we offer the families to be together in a place surrounded by a simple and beautiful natural landscape.

Safety – safe, ecologically arranged environment, qualified support. We collaborate with other healthcare providers as necessary.

Support – we provide full information, promote emotional well-being, support families in making adequate decisions, and take their own responsibility for their well-fare.

Experience around the World

Birth in premises specially arranged for that – birth homes – is very popular in several European countries. Switzerland was one of the first to offer such services. They are very popular also in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and some other countries. For instance, there are more than 60 birth homes, they have experience of 15 years providing their services.

Similar birth practices are popular also in Australia, USA and Canada. Serious attitude is supported by results of the study by journal “Midwifery and Woman’s Health”. Women were asked – why do you choose home birth? There are the most popular answers:

  • safety,
  • opportunity to avoid unnecessary medical interventions,
  • adverse previous birth experience in hospital,
  • more control,
  • comfortable and family-oriented environment.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in United Kingdom study provided conclusion – home birth for low risk women is not associated with elevated with birth related mortality and morbidity, if necessary pregnancy care is provided – presence of experienced midwife, good transportation and coordination of necessary care.

World Health Organisation (WHO) standpoint: Low risk (healthy) women when guaranteed of appropriate support and plan of action for any situation are eligible to give birth at home.

Services and Pricing





Physiological birth (including neonatologist examinations within 24 hours, 3 day stay, tests)

800 EUR


Additional stay before birth/1 day

40 EUR


Additional stay after birth, from day 2

40 EUR


In-patient consultation of certified midwife

15 EUR


In-patient foetal CTG recording

10 EUR


In-patient consultation of certified paediatrician

30 EUR


Consultation of doula

30 EUR


In-patient genetical tests for PKU and TSH

10 EUR


Maternity course (1 class)

15 EUR


Traditional baby massage “expelling bristles” (from day 21)

20 EUR


Laboratory tests

Upon pricelist


Foetal CTG at client’s home

45 EUR


Doula services

Agreed price