Luīza’s birth

Author: Daina Elksne

On the sixth of March with the first greetings of sun our second daughter came into this world. This experience was different from the first birth – everything happened faster and more intensive. My husband did not attend this birth as well as previous. I was alone with the midwife. I had support anyway and everything went very successfully. So, our second waterbaby was born with sunny greetings into “Harmonija” bath. We chose not to cut the cord and leave it attached to the baby until it falls off. It took some adjustments to learn how to care for the baby having tray beside her, and cord shortening every day. In the end it became very hard and on the fourth day baby accidently ripped off the cord. It was closed enough and there were no adverse consequences. We wished to try this method because I read abut Lotus Birth and wanted my baby having all the benefits – gentle transition to lung respiration, getting all valuable substances from placenta and benefits to immunity. Of course, all the pain has already been forgotten because this adventure is worth of it! Thanks to Aija for her help, because without her it would be much harder!