Breech birth

With my story I wish to encourage mothers-to-be having their baby in breech position.

On the last day of October late in the evening my wonderful baby boy came into this world bottom first. This was my first labour, therefore there was more anxiety. I was afraid of birth per se and felt fear of unknown. I worried about my success and about possible complications, because there is lack of information about breech birth.

On regular doctor’s visit it was determined on USG that baby is positioned with the head up. I did not worry about that since it was a plenty of time for baby to turn and I patiently waited when this will happen. I was sure that baby knows better how he should lay. I paid more attention to his movement waiting for the moment he will decide to turn. A few weeks later on doctors visit I expected affirmation that everything is fine, the baby has took the right position although it was not so. 

The doctor explained that usually it is indication for surgery, that there are several risks if I choose to give birth vaginally. I felt panic and despair. Is there no choice? From the very beginning of pregnancy I thought only of natural birth. I was sure I will successfully birth my baby and never imagined I would have Caesarian section. Therefore I could not possibly agree to doctors offer. I also do not think I should choose the birthday of my baby by planning the operation, because I believe everyone has his special moment of birth. Seeing my determination, doctor suggested trying special manipulation – external cephalic version. I gave it a thought, searched for information and opinions and in the end decided to use all options for my little boy to turn and being able to give birth myself, since I am for natural birth.

On the scheduled day I went to Stradins hospital where the procedure was to happen. I had to wait for a long time and even thought they have forgotten me. Then I was invited into procedure room, having no idea of what was ahead of me. At the beginning there were familiar procedures – sonography, foetal heart rate registration. I was told once more how dangerous it is to have breech birth. Now I was really scared. I laid on the coach and then it started. It was very unpleasant process, I felt how my arms and legs shivered, and it was hard to breath because doctor was pressing very hard to reach the baby. The doctor tried for some 10 minutes but had no success. Then I thought that my son shows his character still being in my belly!

Before leaving doctor asked where I plan giving birth. I said in Sigulda since I live there and see no point in going to another city during labour. In such situation, doctor said, I should agree to surgery. I was very confused. It cannot be true that no one gives birth to a baby in such position! Of course, I had doubts if this could not harm my baby. Everyone talks only about surgery and I have no one to encourage me.

My due date comes closer and closer. In one of the last doctor appointments I share my thoughts on my situation and continue insisting on my determination to give birth myself, since there have been no other problems during entire pregnancy. The only thing I can agree is having emergency surgery upon serious complications during labour.

Understanding that it is not possible to talk me into planned surgery, my doctor recommended a midwife who has experience with breech birth. That’s how I got the telephone number of a midwife that might agree to deliver a breech baby. Then I started to feel hope that everything is not as bad as they say. I just had to make that call, schedule an appointment and talk everything through.

When we met, the midwife seemed convincing, knowledgeable, and I felt safe. I was sure I am doing everything right, all is going to be well, and I will have natural birth.

The birth went very well – no complications. For now I cannot compare, since it was my first experience and I do not know how birthing a baby head first is different. But I feel most happy knowing all the fear and hardships are over and having my bundle of happiness healthy laying on my belly. It is hard to even imagine that scenario could be totally different.

I wish to thank midwife Aija for encouraging and persuading me. I think it should be more popularised that women can and are allowed to have breech birth. I Wish more doctors would agree to that and would not scare women with Caesarian sections.

Dear mothers-to-be – listen to your heart and feel yourself what is the best and safest option for you! Mother herself should find inner peace and then the success will follow!

Elvīna, 27 years old.